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6 more days and im off to the Marine Corps.


Anonymous: fuck. lets just have sex. your tumblr + that body of yours.... FUCK im dreaming. your to amazing,

lol well im flattered but im not gonna use my tumblr after monday ever again im off to the Marine Corps sorry.

Anonymous: Hey dude, I just wanted to tell you that I like your blog for being one of the voices of freedom on tumblr, its surrounded by liberal lunatics like the one who asked you the previous question, just keep it up :), there needs to be less liberal lunatics on tumblr or at least a balance

Thanks whoever you are, its upsetting that people actually think the way they do and its good to know that im not alone on here, in 2 weeks i wont be blogging anymore im going to be in boot camp for the marine corps, semper fi and keep it up freedom fighter.

Anonymous: You fucking Nazi watch the news and listen to what he says and stop watching FOX and what other people tell you. 3 words he's a Democrat. Why would a man that is out to help the common people be out to get them at the same time?? and gas didnt just go up when he took office, and if you want proof go see Die Hard again it says .86 a gallon. any NON dumb ass knows the value of a dollar is just not the same anymore. candy is not a penny, and nice night out will cost more than $10 !! I hate stupid.

Before you get on here and criticize me you need to check your spelling and punctuation. Your a fucking idiot. I hope you someday educate yourself and learn a little bit about politics and what it means to be American. Nice try though.


Please people dont let Obama take our freedom away. Please dont let him take healthcare from our troops, the people who willingly take bullets to the body for us. Obama wants to cut healthcare from the military. Why do murderers in prison deserve free healthcare but our humble troops dont? OPEN YOUR EYES! GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE! PLEASE REBLOG THIS.